Garage Door Installation by Frisco TX Garage Door’s Professionals

Some tasks around the house are easy enough to do on your own. You can change the light bulb on your own, you can paint your fence on your own, and you can hang curtains on your own. What you probably can but in no way should do, is install your garage door on your own.

This heavy contraption requires professional installation if it’s to be used safely and for as many years as it should.

Steps for Professional Garage Door Installation

Selection – first, you have to choose the door you’d like. Nowadays manufacturers offer a wide selection of designs and materials. Choose those that best fit your needs and preferences.

Preparation – “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail”. Only by carefully preparing will the process end successfully. Precise measurements have to be taken and the area must be cleared and cleaned so nothing will get in the way of the installation.

Installation – in this step the door will be put in its place, all handles and hinges will be attached, all panels, rollers and tracks will be placed and secured, and all torsion springs will be attached.

Securing and testing – once everything has been placed and attached our technicians always check and double-check everything has been done correctly and has been tightly secured. Then, they’ll check the door for any squeaks or problems to make sure you’ll enjoy a smoothly moving door.

Excellent Service by Locals

Being a part and parcel of the local Frisco community we make sure to always be:

Available so you can reach us any time you need us.

Professional so there won’t be a problem we can’t solve for you.

Effective so the solutions we deliver will be reliable and offer comfort for a long time.

Affordable so everyone can get the service they need from us.

Courteous so you’ll get a complete and outstanding customer experience.

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