Garage Door Springs – Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you know it or not, garage doors are extremely heavy. Since they’re supposed to serve several purposes, including protection and insulation, they’re usually large, sturdy, heavy bulks of strong material.

Bearing in mind these doors also have to easily and smoothly slide up and down to allow vehicles to enter and leave the garage, you can imagine the strength of the torsion springs used to move them and the amount of energy stored within them.

Don’ts – Garage Door Repair Dallas

Let’s start with the don’ts – so we can keep you safe. As mentioned, these torsion springs, which are responsible for the door’s movement, store considerable energy within them. They carry a heavy load and are in charge of its controlled movement. Trying to release a garage door’s spring on your own, without the professional knowledge or equipment can result in serious injury. Imagine a bullet being propelled out of a barrel and you’ll know what to expect out of a torsion spring that gets suddenly released with nothing holding it back or in place. The impact can be devastating.

Do’s – The Professionals of Frisco, TX

Before you think about touching your garage door to fix it or handle any part of it, your best course of action would be to consult with a professional service provider. Most decent service providers, as we do here at Frisco TX Garage Door, will happily provide you with important insights and recommendations. But more importantly, they will tell you where to draw the line, where what you intend to do might put you or anyone else in the immediate area in serious jeopardy.

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Since we specialize in the Frisco area, being part of the local community, it’s important to us to give top notch solutions and service to our local friends and neighbors. Hiring nothing but professionals, our teams are fully equipped with the best and latest gear in the industry, they go through periodic training programs to keep them sharp, and they do everything they possibly can to meet every client’s needs quickly and effectively.

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